2019 Prequels , Sequels and Remakes

2018 was another banner year for reviving franchises and 2019 will continue the trend.
The ultimate question is “Isn’t there any good idea’s being created anymore?”

Q1 – 19

How to Train your Dragon 3, Hellboy 3, The Lego Movie 2

Q2 – 19

John Wick 3, Avengers , Dumbo, Aladdin


Secret Lives of Pets, Charlies Angels, Men in Black, Spiderman Homecoming 2, Angry Birds 2, Toy Story 4, The Lion King, IT 2

Q4 – 19

 Dr. Sleep, Frozen 2, Jumanji 3, Star Wars 9, Cats

The Industry does its best to play fair and I recommend going with certainly one of these redo’s and I think the winners are obvious.

Douglas Haase
Haaseline Entertainment