About Us

Haaseline Entertainment focuses on bringing the best to retail by integrating Entertainment Marketing with a touch of spiritual leadership in the work place. Accountability to consumers, brands and the people you work with are paramount. We are committed to the highest results and integrity.

Growing the Entertainment Marketing share of Market(ing) is a priority, however our main goal is total store sales integrating your brand or retail location.

Why you ask??

If we are not growing total store sales from our category and brands, then we are not a growth leader in the Industry.

I have been recently told that the tenacity we have had to create multi category storewide promotions is almost gone in the retail marketing teams for retailers and suppliers. Why not take a chance with Haaseline Entertainment to have your program executed for you brand and tie in to great adjacency partners to drive multi category sales. The benefit is multiple placement of displays and exposure throughout the retailers landscape!!

Best to all of you in 2024 and I am sure we will meet and play again!

Here’s a glimpse of what we do!!!



Due to many life changes, Haaseline Entertainment will shift to delivering a spiritual view of the workplace and entertainment marketing. I have met many great leaders and many poor leaders in 34 years of Retail Marketing, and I wish I would have connected better with the one’s who had a strong belief in God and Prayer. The one’s who did have this faith remain progressive leaders in the industry. They put people first and instilled a sense of integrity that motivates entire organizations to excel.

They win with Spirit filled passion and not chasing numbers.

Because of this new creature approach to Entertainment Marketing I would like to give you a verse that is a clear driver for our new direction in leading entertainment marketing within the Industry.

Romans 12:2

And be not conformed to this world: but be ye transformed by the renewing of your mind, that ye may prove what is good, and acceptable, and perfect , will of God.

I have had numerous storms in my life that have transformed this new mindset, and I give all the glory of my revelation to God.

We will continue to stay focused on marketing entertainment content in family, romance, comedy, horror, action, thrillers, and animation genres.

Focusing on properties that brands can hang their hat on. Properties that educate and make the retail environment a better place to work in. An eternal investment to consumers and the people we work


I will continue to encourage Entertainment at Retail executional excellence.

We hope to encourage young people who are wondering

“What do I want to be when I grow up!!!”

Everybody wants to be a star, but the truth is everyone of you that I have worked with are the “true stars “of this business!! You are all part of the commitment in bringing entertainment breadth of life to retail:

Brick and Click Mortar!!!

Bless you all that continue to support and believe!! Or as I tell my Kids:

“Continue to hear that Bell” ringing from the Polar Express!!!!