Haaseline Entertainment is back from Licensing Show and filled with new opportunities as well as aligning with fan favorites in the franchise driven studio business. 

Think about this before you read more: Amazon the #1 online retailer is marketing against Gen Z over Millennials . If you want to grow your brand you must allocate a portion or more of your budget to a younger audience.

This is regardless of who your target is!!! Fandom within the Entertainment Marketing World is the fastest growing consumer segment outpacing FB’s growth!!!! It is a youth giving medium that is being driven by young people for ALL people!!!

And so: 

The big studio’s have taken its toll on visual production at the licensing show with ATT Warner Media , Comcast NBC/Universal, Disney (Marvel, Star Wars & Fox ) and talks about CBS/Viacom merging into booth consolidation.

The chatter at the big showcases is scale , big levers and massive franchise leverage. This is a good news , bad news scenario for the industry. It spells out big financed players will play in franchises but there will be plenty of low hanging fruit to jazz in and play in the retail world. You won’ t get much help from the studio’s on this low hanging fruit but with a skilled promotion company you won’t need it.

Being selective, bold , creative and daring will play well with a small brand or company wanting to play in some low tier opportunities. You can own and build a unique pathway to success without having to spend the big $ to play in what the studios are pushing.

You need to trust the company that brings you these opportunities to stretch your marketing budget and stir in pots of new users that you currently aren’t cultivating.

Targeted nostalgia can be an interesting way to spark touching the hearts and purchase power of shoppers. Look at Stranger Things as a means of tugging on the emotion of where we came from to driving where your brand wants to go. Working with brands that don’t have the finances to play in big franchises allows me to go Classic when at my meetings.  

Let Haaseline Entertainment have this discussion with you and lend an open hand to creative growth for your brand or next promotion. Lets discuss the ability to creatively join your brands history with a Classic brand in our arsenal. If your brand has limited history then let’s decide what it looks like and find a promotional partner or opportunity to bring that identity to shoppers.

 Licensing is booming! How about these numbers – US Sales $150B which is 50% of the total licensing business !!! Globally the segment breakdown is Characters $122B , Corporate Brands $58B, Fashion $32B , Sports $26B & Publishing $18B.

Licensing is still a valuable tool to grow sales & share , but you must still be able to execute your promotions and connect with shoppers/retailers.

Haaseline Entertainment is the missing link!! Our Direct to Consumer commitment always delivers!!

2019-20 proves that the ever changing entertainment landscape will continue change at a rapid pace. Product placement , promotional connections, and genre preferences will be 2019 tactics that will drive the intellectual property decisions for brand marketers.

Studio’s are committing to genres like horror , superhero’s, musicals , comedy and they will be available like personalities for brands in the future. Animation and Kid friendly will continue to dominate but your brand can stand out if you branch out in the wilderness !!

Understand that Fandom audience continues to grow and be the largest consumer audience in the marketplace!!

Let us show you our many options to drive excitement with the most recent entertainment properties!!

We are very excited by Valiant Entertainment and Sony’s commitment to the Movie “Bloodshot” coming soon starring Vin Diesel and more. It appears it will be the $100M shot in arm we have been waiting for to deliver apparel, caps, jewelry and calendars. We will be working hard with our partners Outdoor Caps and SwiftGlimpse to get new designs and product to support at Retail.

Creating programs that offer (FOMO) the fear of missing out is what we do at Haaseline Entertainment. Programming that includes retail merchandising and creative ways of fulfilling media requirements for entertainment propertities is our forte.

No need for FOBO ( Fear of Better Options ) … we have it all!!!

Lots of great opportunities with films and franchises via studios in 2020. Warner Brothers has Birds of Prey (Feb), Godzilla vs King Kong (Mar), Wonder Woman 2 (June ), The Witches (Oct), & Dune (Nov). Universal with Trolls ( April) & Fast & Furious 9 (May). Sony with Bad Boys for Life (Jan), Bloodshot (Feb), Fantasy Island (Feb), Morbius (July), Ghostbusters (July), Monster Hunter ( Sept ), Venom 2 (Oct). Paramount with Top Gun 2 (June), Disney/Fox Jungle Cruise (July).

 All have our stamp of approval to build retail partnerships.

As stated in past news we have a vested tie to Valiant Entertainment’s Bloodshot which is on the Sony slate. This is a once in a lifetime opportunity to support brand new fresh content in the superhero universe with great added value in partnership. Contact us for first hand opportunity that can be built into a year long partnership on a very reasonable budget. 

We also have added VC Dry Goods (beef jerky), Outdoor Caps (headwear), Swiftglimpse ( maps & calendars ) and Butterflyze ( jewelry ) to our licensed product for Valiant Entertainment. This alliance has made our sales and marketing scope larger and adds more scale for retail and promotional opportunities.

Haaseline Entertainment uses our sales leg the  CPG Company to place brands on shelf at retail. Well over 100 years experience in Retail , Sales, & Marketing.

We bring Program, Products, & Promotions catered to our customers needs; whether that customer is part of the manufacturing, retail, media, or entertainment industry!

No idea or suggestion is not worth investigating any opportunity.

Our ultimate goal is to develop a fully integrated program from click to brick & mortar to position brands to be category leaders within total store sales.

At CPG Placement Company, We offer top notch service with proven success in the field. In addition, our team is comprised of individuals of varied backgrounds, specialties and skills. These characteristics make us unique in many ways, allowing us to offer a wide range of support, feedback and services.

Who We Are

Planning: We can offer input and feedback in creating strategic sales and marketing plans.

Communication: We strive for open communication and always follow up in a timely manner. Communication is the cornerstone of any relationship, and we strive to keep the channel open.

Creativity: We can provide input, feedback and assistance in creating marketing materials.

Resourcefulness: We are always brainstorming ideas for new channels of distribution or placement for our brands.

Information: Our team is continually learning about new trends and market changes.

More to come as we build the dreams and productive alliances in the industry!

Take a look at Haaseline Entertainments video and photo tabs in our FB link below to get an idea how we build sales , and relationships with shoppers, brands and retailers.



Haaseline Entertainment is entering its 12th year of retail promotional marketing. Our goal is simple, to grow “total store sales” while connecting your consumer with the exciting “Land of Entertainment”.

The fact is most companies just want to grow their brands and reach their individual targets. True leaders in our industry must create programs that can grow total consumption, (Share of Revenue) while tending to the individual needs of their companies brand share growth.

We produce “share of mind” with our approach. Its time to grow total consumption and share of mind.

Haaseline Entertainment has and will clearly be dedicated to making you and your brands “Healthy Growth Enablers“!!!