ATTENTION: Lastest and Greatest Promotional Retail Announcement !!!


Haaseline Entertainment is a one stop shop for Entertainment Marketing (Promotional , Strategic , Content Refreshes , and Retail Activation ).  Marketing should be converting to Commerce ? 

Meeting todays consumer “where they are” is so important these days … also creating bundles of promotional value with brands is important in todays economy.  

Here’s what we do :


If you ( your brand ) is confident in your strategy , risk , and execution to that process , why look at the mainstream interpreted success the industry feeds you. This just distracts you from a solid plan that’s working. This is why it is important to align your brand with growth engines that strengthen an already mega brand to lead the way through the marketplace. 

Build it and they will come. Let’s build some Promotional Bundles together !! 

We have numerous connections to the best promotional IP’s in theEntertainment business. 

Looking for best in affordable entertainment opportunities that have sustainability and partnership in the marketplace then you’ve come to the right place. 


If you want your brand noticed in the Virtual marketplace  , placed on shelves / displays , and develop retail and partnership alliances that allows your brand to breathe in the marketplace, then Haaseline Entertainment is your team.

We are aligned with many experts with Whiteboard Communications,  being a most valued Strategic Partner. There is no brand or vertical that we don’t operate in from the importance of branding , trade marketing, promotion , to measuring via mapping & connectivity of data that builds better shopping experiences and reduces shrink in loss prevention. 

You may see a marketplace with poorly executed “me too’s” , boxes being checked off , and lets win display or promotion of the year. Not our game ( we do like winning ) !! Winning on shelf ,  merchandising , and relationships with people who make decisions , execute , and move mountains is our kind of excellence. 

Premier Content, Cost reduction , and Speed to Market while driving Sales/Merchandising is what our Company offers. 

We are that company with alliances across the board in numerous verticals . Globally aligned with other companies that have the same interest in helping current marketing models. Our partners want  to become better as an unbiased financial based anchor getting results that hit the mark bringing sales, logistics and marketing singing with the choir of shoppers heading your way this holiday. 

Shoppers are combing the internet for the right deals and new offerings as we head to 2025 and content marketing at the beginning of your brands marketing funnel is essential. We have the perfect solution towards closing those shopper gaps at numerous retailers and retail opportunities. 

Let us know how Haaseline Entertainment can spruce up your seasonality sales events and via our alliance with Rapid Ads refresh your online presence to meet your brands shoppers needs for fun & new ways to engage towards purchase. 

Haaseline Entertainment is proud to announce some great partnerships from our Licensing Expo Trip with a promotion license with Green Kids Club . Excited on the possibilities to bring sustainable environmental fun to marketplace via brands and retailers. 


We have added 2 new IP’s to our arsenal “Insomnia Theater” with Producer Mark Starks and Actor Paul Ganus .. as well as Mark’s “Martian & Me”.  Please read below on all the other great properties and brands we represent . 

Haaseline Entertainment has aligned with great content providers and connectivity. We not only bring you the most customized intellectual properties in the Universe, but also the best practices to get those promotions and marketing dollars spent to the Shoppers and Consumers of your Brands. 

AI (Additional Incremental) Displays is what we deliver . Promotions and Merchandising is what makes a promotion a Campaign that can deliver results through out the year to maximize spend !! 

Contact us to discuss how you can use your current marketing efforts to now develop better accountable towards merchandising, communication, and ROI for your brands marketing budget. We specialize in developing programs and promotions that connect retailers, brands and shoppers. 


Haaseline Entertainment just signed an agreement to represent Rapid Digital ( Ads & NFT’s – Non Fungible Tokens ). Simplify your life for online advertising for your brand and with retailers. Start adding NFT’s to your promotional tactics connecting Brands / IP’s to passionate shoppers. Authorized for Walmart connect, Amazon and Instacart.


Remember we build successful retail & merchandising gains with Entertainment properties that build share of experience in the marketplace.

Haaseline Entertainment and CPG has expanded our horizons with new segments like CBD/Hemp (  We recently have gotten 13 SKU’S into Sprouts in the CBD Category in edibles.  )  

We recently added to our client business Clayer ( healing clay , skin care clay ) and which will continue to grow CPG Product Placements Groups success. Their products play with active adults and help heal the daily muscle stress from sports and work. They also have healing clay for kids (over 2) and pets .  www.clayerworld.com 


US Open Cricket and Warrior Island are our newest phase of content participation for audiences. We have also understood the need to align ourselves with other companies like Whiteboard Communications bringing us technologies of connectivity via Freeeway 


CPG is also the Sponsorship Marketing Agent for the USCC (Cricket Council) for the Florida US Open of Cricket in Broward County Stadium. Very affordable rates to reach to reach our 24M viewers with 5 additional events throughout the year. 

Let us show you all new affordable ways to help your brand expand distribution, shoppers and sales/market share via merchandising at retail and e-tail. 

Haaseline Entertainment creates programs that offer (FOMO) the fear of missing out is what we do at Haaseline Entertainment. Programming that includes retail merchandising and creative ways of fulfilling media requirements for entertainment properties is our forte.

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All have our stamp of approval to build retail partnerships.

Haaseline Entertainment uses our sales leg the  CPG Company to place brands on shelf at retail. We have  over 100 years experience in Retail , Sales, & Marketing.

We bring Program, Products, & Promotions catered to our customers needs; whether that customer is part of the manufacturing, retail, media, or entertainment industry!

No idea or suggestion is not worth investigating any opportunity.

Our ultimate goal is to develop a fully integrated program from click to brick & mortar to position brands to be category leaders within total store sales.

At CPG Placement Company, We offer top notch service with proven success in the field. In addition, our team is comprised of individuals of varied backgrounds, specialties and skills. These characteristics make us unique in many ways, allowing us to offer a wide range of support, feedback and services.

Who We Are

Planning: We can offer input and feedback in creating strategic sales and marketing plans.

Communication: We strive for open communication and always follow up in a timely manner. Communication is the cornerstone of any relationship, and we strive to keep the channel open.

Creativity: We can provide input, feedback and assistance in creating marketing materials.

Resourcefulness: We are always brainstorming ideas for new channels of distribution or placement for our brands.

Information: Our team is continually learning about new trends and market changes.

More to come as we build the dreams and productive alliances in the industry!

Take a look at Haaseline Entertainments video and photo tabs in our FB link below to get an idea how we build sales , and relationships with shoppers, brands and retailers.



Haaseline Entertainment is entering its 15th year of retail promotional marketing. Our goal is simple, to grow “total store sales” while connecting your consumer with the exciting “Land of Entertainment”.

The fact is most companies just want to grow their brands and reach their individual targets. True leaders in our industry must create programs that can grow total consumption, (Share of Revenue) while tending to the individual needs of their companies brand share growth.

We produce “share of mind” with our approach. Its time to grow total consumption and share of mind.

Haaseline Entertainment has and will clearly be dedicated to making you and your brands “Healthy Growth Connectors “!!!


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