Social Media 2024

Social Media has become the quickest and easiest way of informing and misinforming your brand or promotion.

Our experts are constantly staying on of whats hot and whats not. This is a full time marketing job these days. The question becomes is your messaging getting lost and is it driving sales and profitability on your overall brand marketing.

Smart marketers know that the strategy behind your social media on how and why each platform exists and its DNA is more important than your tactics. Let’s chat!!!

Here are some predictions for 2024:

TikTok will takeover…. although like most social media there is a lot of trash being spewed the platform will only get bigger. It will influence more and framing your messaging to your Fan and the TikTok consumer needs to fit their expectations .

Be Real will be the grow app for 2024 as a new platform for full expression of your messaging.

Linkedin will become more than just a job ( and even business ) media outpost.

Social SEO will replace hashtags .

Closed Captioning will be a new feature to provide a new spin to a change agent audience.

GIF’s are out of control and most businesses will start with training their employees to communicate differently internally.

Small business will cozy up to creators with once again content being King !!!

Stories to Reels transition will enhance brand experience and interaction.

Social Audio will become hotter than clubhouse content.. with GenZ replacing user generated content..

The bottom line is truly where you want to play where the spend aligns with your expectation in sales and brand growth .

Contact us for idea’s to make social media work for your brand and your customers.

Douglas Haase
Haaseline Entertainment