Brand New for 2023 – Prequels, Sequels and Remakes

2022 was another banner year for reviving franchises and 2023 will continue the trend.
The ultimate question is “Isn’t there any good idea’s being created anymore?”

Q1 – 23

Feb 10 – Magic Mikes Last Dance

Feb 17 – Ant-Man & the Wasp : Quantumania

March 3 – Creed 3

March 10 – Scream 6

March 17 – Shazam 2

March 24th – John Wick 4

Q2 – 23

May 5th – Guardians of the Galaxy  3

May 19th – Fast X

May 26th – The Little Mermaid

June 2nd – Spiderman Spiderverse 2

June 9th – Transformers Rise of the Beast

June 30th- Indy 5

Q3 – 23

July 7th – Insidious 5

July 14th – MI 8

August 4th – The Meg 2, TMNT

August 11th – Haunted Mansion

Sept 1st – Equalizer 3

Sept 8th – The Nun 2

Sept 15th – The Haunting of Venice

Sept 22nd – Expendables 4

Q4 – 23

Oct 13th – The Exorcist

Oct 27th – Saw X

Nov 3rd – Dune 2

Nov 17th – Hunger Games , Trolls 3

The Industry does its best to play fair and I recommend going with certainly one of these redo’s and I think the winners are obvious.

Many consumers are looking at older content in entertainment that remind them of happier and simpler times. Tons of Intellectual Properties  are celebrating anniversaries which can be tied into promotionally to aid your promotion or brand in delivering just what shoppers are looking for in a campaign. These anniversary IP’s tend to be open to much more creative process and affordable to partner with.

Here are some thought starters :

Corporate brand anniversaries  

Blaupunkt – 99

Ford – 100

Harley Davidson – 120

Honda – 75

Nielsen – 100

Entertainment brand anniversaries  

Hip-Hop – 50

Marvel Studios – 30

Sony Pictures – 25

Tetris – 40

The Smurfs – 65

The Walt Disney Company – 100

Warner Bros. – 100

Fashion and apparel brand anniversaries 

Tommy Bahama – 30

Food and beverage brand anniversaries  

Kellogg’s – 60

Kraft – 100

Morton Salt – 175

Nerds – 40

Nesquik – 75

Peeps – 70

Pepsi – 130

SweetTarts / Ferrero – 60

Heritage brand anniversaries 

Art Ask Agency – 10

Harvard – 115

Laura Ashley – 70

London Underground (TfL) – 160

London Underground Tube Map (TfL) – 90

Van Gogh Museum – 50

Literature brand anniversaries  

National Geographic – 135

Beano – 85

Flower Fairies, Penguin Ventures – 100

Horrible Histories, Scholastic Corporation – 30

Playboy – 70

TIME – 100

Movie and Television brand anniversaries 

“Doctor Who,” BBC Studios – 60

‘Jurassic Park,’ Universal – 30

‘Paw Patrol,’ Paramount – 10

‘Power Rangers,’ Hasbro – 30

“Return of the Jedi,” LucasFilms – 40

The Rocky Horror Show – 50

‘Sarah & Duck’, Karrot Animation – 10

‘Scarface’, Universal – 40

‘The Big Lebowski,’ Universal – 35

‘The Wombles’ – 50

‘Wallace & Gromit: The Wrong Trousers’; Aardman – 30

Luxury brand anniversaries  

Swatch – 40

Versace – 45

Sports brand anniversaries 

24 Hours of Le Mans – 100


PUMA – 75

Toys and Games brand anniversaries

8th Wonder – 25

Baby Annabell; Zapf Creation – 25

Canal Toys – 5

Clementoni – 60

Commotion Ltd – 40

Curious Universe – 5

Great Gizmos – 25

House of Marbles – 50

Jazwares U.K. – 10

Kap Toys – 5

Kosmos – 200

Little Live Pets; Moose Toys – 10

Marvin’s Magic – 35

Matchbox – 70

Scrabble – 70

Sequin Art Ltd – 60

Smart Toys & Games – 30

Tree Toys Ltd – 35

Yookidoo – 15

Douglas Haase
Haaseline Entertainment

Super Hero’s or Saturated Fat

Superhero Movies have been running their course over several decades with many hits, and some misses. Regardless of the outcome of any of these, the heightened awareness attached to these movies is immense. Marvel, DC, & Valiant Entertainment will have have the bulk of the offerings, but the $ attached to making these movies is enormous and can’t be overlooked in your marketing plans.

Here’s quick education for those in the fog. Warner Brothers has the rights to DC Comics  which will have The Batman & The Flash 2022 ,and the #1 hit 2018 Aquaman, Suicide Squad (Justice League ) and  The Flash, Supergirl and Lois & Clark on CW..

Disney owns Marvel, but is watching closely as contracts expire on certain Marvel equities with other major studios. Within that contract Universal has had Hulk, and has a Marvel Island in their theme parks. Marvel has Avengers, Thor, Captain America, Guardians of the Galaxy, Antman and Dr Strange. Disney bought Fox which has given us X-Men Franchise, Deadpool & Fantastic 4 , Daredevil, , Sony gives us Spiderman Homecoming series with newest killing the box office with 1 B in 10 days, MIB  & Venom 2 2021 , Morbius 2022.

Valiant Entertainment’s Bloodshot starring Vin Diesel ,Harbinger, Faith have 6 movies from Sony with more from Paramount.

Hopefully you get my point, that we just can’t ignore them and that the overloaded marketplace can appear to have some saturated fat.

The other reason to love them is that they (in most cases) are “all family” movies which broadens your offerings to your shoppers. All in all these films have sold Billions of $ in merchandise and still rule the buzz meters in social media.

Here’s the scoop most of them are tentpole pictures for their respective studio’s and tend to have plenty of promotional partners.  When researching an opportunity in the Superhero genre, pay specific attention to whom the other licensee’s are, when the movie is released in the calendar are there other events adjacent to the film’s release, and are their physical attributes the characters have that play into your brands ( i.e. color, size, letters etc. )

I have seen very few players in promotion play in all the arena’s Valiant , Marvel & DC have for their properties. I also know from experience that they tend to be a bit greedy as you move from licensed equities within their properties. I am hoping to see a player use all these opportunities to drive an extensive reach to existing and new shoppers. A typical property can have promotional opportunities tied to a movie, TV, print (comics), numerous other new category tie-ins (for your brands) such as theme parks, character /actor appearances etc.

Take a look at the calendar, and think big. Get your organization to broaden the promotional opportunity offered by these superheros and start realizing super results. Don’t forget you and your brand are quite the hero’s also!!

For more information on how to morph your brand in a supersize promotion and become a superhero in your company contact Haaseline Entertainment. Let us help you  have a fit brand with no saturated fat , but all the trimmings.

2023 Tentpoles

Haaseline Entertainment always loves to give our picks for tentpole efforts for each year. 2023 will have a full slate of winners and the box office should build strong momentum thru July just in time for Back to School.

As always we prefer programs that capture a theme and possibly include the Home Entertainment release. Integrated with a balance of Digital & Retailtainment based on your brand and budget. Our Choices are listed by Studio and Calendar.

Lionsgate – Mar 24th – John Wick 4, Sept 22nd Expendables 4, Oct 27th – Saw X, Nov 17th – The Hunger Games ,

Disney/Marvel/20th Century – Feb 17th – Ant Man and Wasp 3, May 5th -Galaxy of the Guardians 3, May 26th- The Little Mermaid , July 28th The Marvels, , Aug 11th – Haunted Mansion, Sept 15th – The Haunting in Venice , Oct 6th Kraven the Hunter

Warner Media – Feb 10th- Magic Mikes Last Dance, Mar 17th Shazam 2,  June 23rd – The Flash, July 21st – Barbie, Aug 4th The Meg 2, Aug 18th – Blue Beetle, Sept 8th – The Nun 2, Oct The Exorcist , Nov 3rd – Dune 2 ,

Paramount –  Mar 6th Scream 6 , Mar 31st Dungeons & Dragons, June 9th – Transformers Rise of the Beast, June 30th- Indy 5, July 14th MI Dead Reckoning Pt 1, Aug 4th – TMNT Mutant Mayhem , Oct 13th Paw Patrol 2,

Sony – June 2nd – Spiderman Spiderverse 2,  June 30th Harold & the Purple Crayon, July 7th – Insidious 5 , Sept 1st – Equalizer 3

Universal – Jan 6 – Megan, Feb 3 – Knock at the Cabin, April 7th Super Mario, May 19th – Fast X , Nov 27th – Trolls 3,

MGM – Mar 3rd – Creed 3

There are many other great movies available, but these have amazing possibilities for a long and massive marketing event.

Please feel free to call and get promotional advice on these and other properties in 2023 at Haaseline Entertainment.