Private Label and the Grab & Go Segment

Private Label has become a valuable segment in the brand world at Retail. Once looked at as a category, brand and profit killer, private label has continued to improve its quality,value and share over time.

Promotionally private label has slowly started to be approached by entertainment brands to start the process of integrating PL into promotions. This is very apparent where there is no CPG brands willing to come on board.

Home Video releases have recently partnered with private label (store) brands. Avengers had a co-program with Wal-Mart, BJ’s and others sharing the Marvel license with PL Pizza, water, etc.

We are currently creating a PL nacho kit/popcorn opportunity to fill the void in a Family Night Snack Solution with Home Entertainment via a pallet program.

Private label in todays economic times will continue to improve their share. Share for PL is 18-25% in grocery, 15% in drug and 2.5% in C-stores.

The grab & go business will only increase as shoppers increase packed lunches and that type eatting occasion. It will be a 40B opportunity in 2022, with sweets goods up +14%.

The election this year was won in the age group 19-30. That group is already being targeted by smart retailers. They are less influenced to buy in bulk, particularly where calories are involved.

The opportunity to create private label snacks in grab & go sizes is now! The opportunity to show major CPG companies the power of an integrated entertainment with private label brands is now.

Studios who use this marketing tactic as a means of growing preferred status with retailers will win into the future of brand promotions. Private label brands time to move into right size, and entertainment marketing is now. Studio’s should pick titles to focus against private label categories to open doors to national brand growth. Show national brands how maximize their entertainment marketing investment.

Let Haaseline Entertainment show you the Way! Call us for idea’s to build this growth opportunity!

Douglas Haase
Haaseline Entertainment