Analysis Paralysis

KISS- Keep it simple.stupid!!

I remember as a brand spanking new marketing manager how much data was needed to move on promotional approvals.

I am not against data mining to make fact based marketing plans, however I never saw top of the house managers making big bold moves to market brands at scale in Entertainment.

Entertainments growth continues to grow domestic & globally, 15-20 movie theaters are opening a week in China. Spending and Calendars continue to fill with pop culture overload. Can you sit back and afford to not play?

Promotional ideas were formed and then brands would line up to see if it aligned with strategy or career plans. I say that tongue in cheek, because later in my career I’m sure I played the career marketing game. I don’t recommend it. When I see an opportunity to make a cost-efficient move vs. career decision I jump on it.

Let’s get back to the KISS point of today’s message.

Sometimes simple opportunities are offered in entertainment promotions that allow your brand to hitch on for a very cost effective ride. I am seeing a lot of green ($ opportunities) in the entertainment opportunities in 2024.

Kung Fu Panda , Minions, Incredibles, Ghostbusters, Beetlejuice , Saw, Lord of the Rings , Godzilla/Kong, Planet of the Apes & Venom franchises all continue grow this year via streaming and theatrical to purchase. 

I remember working with Universal on the Hulk and leveraging great sales at retail via numerous brands. Some brands fought the need to tie-in with Hulk due to consumer data, but failed to see the impact from aligning brands in mass through the retail environment.

My point is brand managers and brands sometimes need to take their pride hat off and blend in and play their promotional role.

Colors like green, and in Hulks case big, powerful, busting out attributes can be leveraged via packaging, and promotional participation. The brands I worked with took part in all promotional opportunities from value packs to green colored versions of their brands. Then we tied into the biggest superhero of that time. Hulk and Oreo stacking led the way as other brands hung on for the exciting successful ride!!

One area we missed on during these scale events is activating low promotional spending brands in your portfolio. These benefits are available due to the high traffic you are driving to shelf and display. Brands that can’t afford package changes or deserve display space can highlight participation via shelf talkers or stick on offers.

I recommend the teams led by Jill Brody at Universal & Jamie Stevens at Sony to give endless support to have your portfolio sing in concert promotionally.

It may be as simple as color, size, or seasonal connections for your brands to participate at scale tied to a great blockbuster tentpole movie.