Technology Advances or Social Media Meltdown

Technology has revived a lot of creative juices in the marketing and promotion industry. The means of promotion sound bites getting to “shoppers from brands” has been delivered in the “Geography of Nowhere”.

Nowhere, also meaning the Now and Here. Social media , Gaming , Online shopping and education have become a lifestyle .

Real time touches to shoppers from brands is the new way of normal for marketing via technology. Voice activation will continue to grow on our machines and in the marketplace.

I have no problem with it and it is part of where this generation x group is taking us path forward. My Boomer generation has no problem with these changes we will just embrace it, hug it, and more importantly make it work for us.

This is the starting point for this piece; let’s not forget the time spent embracing and hugging. Seriously if you want to have sustainability with your shopper you must spend some quality time with them also. You must at least create a place they can come and convene with you thats more that a text or a pop up.

A website is not the full answer, just in case you tech heads thought that space  was sufficient.

We live in a marketing world where people appear to be living more in a virtual world than a real world. I am okay with dreaming and fantasizing about the future, but we owe it to our shoppers to educate them to see balance in life. Balance leads to comfort .

Hopefully our brand or retail locations are the places they find that balance.

So while we chat it up on facebook, trash it up on TikTok  /instagram/X or shop it up on-line from a text we got at work lets think of ways we can get people to enjoy our brands in the world they live in.

Case in point is did you know that museums, art galleries, parks are still one of the most visited places in our country in a non pandemic world . Marketing in educational venues should be a strong investment in getting families to experience our culture. Having your brand preserve history while leading the path where we are going is brand responsibility.

I challenge you to add the great outdoors to your marketing mix. Try adding a seasonal strategy to your plan to encourage your brand and shopper to bundle up and check out what’s happening away from the technology world. To capture an old marketing quip “Try it you’ll like it”.

We are all aware of the tragedies of Social Media and some of us ignore these, by saying that will never happen to me or my brand. It certainly won’t if you are encouraging your fans to take a break with your brand and step outside in our world and smell the “coffee, flowers, or even Haaseline Entertainment”