Tentpole Options by Studio for 2023

Haaseline Entertainment always loves to give our picks for tentpole efforts for each year. 2023 will have a full slate of winners and the box office should build strong momentum thru July just in time for Back to School.

As always we prefer programs that capture a theme and possibly include the Home Entertainment release. Integrated with a balance of Digital & Retailtainment based on your brand and budget. Our Choices are listed by Studio and Calendar.

Lionsgate – Mar 24th – John Wick 4, Sept 22nd Expendables 4, Oct 27th – Saw X, Nov 17th – The Hunger Games , 

Disney/Marvel/20th Century – Feb 17th – Ant Man and Wasp 3, May 5th -Galaxy of the Guardians 3, May 26th- The Little Mermaid , July 28th The Marvels, , Aug 11th – Haunted Mansion, Sept 15th – The Haunting in Venice , Oct 6th Kraven the Hunter

Warner Media – Feb 10th- Magic Mikes Last Dance, Mar 17th Shazam 2,  June 23rd – The Flash, July 21st – Barbie, Aug 4th The Meg 2, Aug 18th – Blue Beetle, Sept 8th – The Nun 2, Oct The Exorcist , Nov 3rd – Dune 2 , 

Paramount –  Mar 6th Scream 6 , Mar 31st Dungeons & Dragons, June 9th – Transformers Rise of the Beast, June 30th- Indy 5, July 14th MI Dead Reckoning Pt 1, Aug 4th – TMNT Mutant Mayhem , Oct 13th Paw Patrol 2, 

Sony – June 2nd – Spiderman Spiderverse 2,  June 30th Harold & the Purple Crayon, July 7th – Insidious 5 , Sept 1st – Equalizer 3

Universal – Jan 6 – Megan, Feb 3 – Knock at the Cabin, April 7th Super Mario, May 19th – Fast X , Nov 27th – Trolls 3, 

MGM – Mar 3rd – Creed 3

There are many other great movies available, but these have amazing possibilities for a long and massive marketing event.

Please feel free to call and get promotional advice on these and other properties in 2023 at Haaseline Entertainment.