Taking Back Ownership for Your Brand

Today’s business model contains so much 3rd party influence that it is amazing anything gets done. This rhetoric slows decisions and prevents risk taking. This becomes the downfall of many brands.

We have agencies who have little or no ownership to a company or its brands. Brand managers have been given full permission to put that trust in agencies to manage the day to day fiber of their assigned projects.

Taking back a brand comes with a full submersing of the manager to gain a full understanding of the companies agreed commitment to the Brand. Re-engineering that passion back into the marketing plan.

Much like players in sports, getting companies to pay to play for great talent and their commitment, needs to be the wave of the future. Brands are like children. A companies’ investment to surrounding those brands with proper health care, education and love is paramount. They must establish a strong foundation for the world of touch points that their brand will encounter.

Taking back brands means getting away from traditional methods and processes that your company has in place for success.

How many brand managers get in the field, away from management and really ask retailers (ceo to stock room), salespeople, and consumer’s for real time feedback?

How many brand managers pick up all the competitive products for their brand and ask the same audience what they think of those brands?

How many brands managers really understand where their brand fits into the company, retailer, and consumers needs for the entire category and total store sales?

Why would you give 3rd parties more responsibility for a brand than you yourself have?

Are we raising our brands like our children? A shelf of latch key brands!!

It’s time to take charge of any and all decisions on your brand. Stop just agreeing with the same old same old tactics and strategic processes. Stop check listing your brands marketing mix like you or your company has some perfect matrix for success.

Hey its Q2 , go back to your office shut the door and fall back in love with your brand, and after you have kissed and made up, change your mind to embrace your brand to withstand all classes of trade, pack sizes, budget cuts and competition.

Your time has come to renew your commitment and love for this Parent Brand …take your Brand back!

Don’t leave it at “Agency Day Care”