Properties vs Movies

Every year the opportunity of licensing is to gain support behind a single sustainable licensed property or movie that has new sustainable content,

A great example would be Universal monsters which has a rich history of being a licensed property for Universal Studios, but also has had movie opportunities.

Most recent release was the Mummy with Tom Cruise.  Numerous other movies with the Frankenstein/Wolfman franchises, and Van Helsing have been produce over the last decade. Dracula had been re-invented in 2014.  There was a movement to produce these classics under the franchise Dark Universe.

The question becomes which is better the licensed property or the movie property.

Certainly this issue arises for Marvel & DC also with 2-3 movies a year and licensed opportunities with their animated comic book characters existing also.

I prefer when a brand or company plays with all the licensed opportunities available and put the appropriate character with the right promotional opportunity.

For instance more all family brands can go to market with Movies , but kids brands may lend themselves better with animated brands or content.

Companies need to look at the entire opportunity available to them and studios need to sell a bigger portfolio opportunity, when available. Neither of these opportunities ever appear to be pursued because thats “just the way it is” I’m told?

Time to change the way to market. Get bold on your quests for licensed properties. Challenge studios to dig deeper into what they can provide in a broad marketing concept with all available content.

Find the company that wants to give you more breadth of line for the $ your brand is about to invest. Studios need to think about bundling creative winning programs , so that property can have life in between big movie projects. I never understand why the deal stops to pat each other on the back when so many other opportunities are available.

Think and promote BIG & BOLD!!!