Social Media 2024

Social Media has become the quickest and easiest way of informing and misinforming your brand or promotion.

Our experts are constantly staying on of whats hot and whats not. This is a full time marketing job these days. The question becomes is your messaging getting lost and is it driving sales and profitability on your overall brand marketing.

Smart marketers know that the strategy behind your social media on how and why each platform exists and its DNA is more important than your tactics. Let’s chat!!!

Here are some predictions for 2024:

TikTok will takeover…. although like most social media there is a lot of trash being spewed the platform will only get bigger. It will influence more and framing your messaging to your Fan and the TikTok consumer needs to fit their expectations .

Be Real will be the grow app for 2024 as a new platform for full expression of your messaging.

Linkedin will become more than just a job ( and even business ) media outpost.

Social SEO will replace hashtags .

Closed Captioning will be a new feature to provide a new spin to a change agent audience.

GIF’s are out of control and most businesses will start with training their employees to communicate differently internally.

Small business will cozy up to creators with once again content being King !!!

Stories to Reels transition will enhance brand experience and interaction.

Social Audio will become hotter than clubhouse content.. with GenZ replacing user generated content..

The bottom line is truly where you want to play where the spend aligns with your expectation in sales and brand growth .

Contact us for idea’s to make social media work for your brand and your customers.

Douglas Haase
Haaseline Entertainment

2024 Tentpoles

Haaseline Entertainment always loves to give our picks for tentpole efforts for each year. 2024 will have a full slate of winners and the box office should build strong momentum thru July just in time for Back to School.

As always we prefer programs that capture a theme and possibly include the Home Entertainment release. Integrated with a balance of Digital & Retailtainment based on your brand and budget. Our Choices are listed by Studio and Calendar.

Lionsgate – 9/27 – Saw XI

Disney/Marvel/20th Century – 5/24 – Kingdom of the Planet of the Apes , 6/14 – Inside Out 2 , 7/26 – Deadpool 3 , 11/27 – Incredibles 3, 12/20 – Mufasa :The Lion King

Warner Media – 3/1 – Dune 2, 4/12 -Godzilla X Kong: The New Empire , 5/24 – Furiosa: Mad Max Saga, 7/19- Twisters, 9/6 – Beetlejuice 2 , 10/4 – Joker 2, 12/13 The Lord of the Rings War of the Rohirrim

Paramount – 9/13 Transformers One , 6/28 – The Quiet Place : Day One , 11/20 – Your a mean on Mr Grinch , 11/22 – Gladiator 2

Sony – 3/29 – Ghostbusters : Frozen Empire , 5/24 – Garfield , 6/14 – Bad Boys 4,  8/30-  Kraven The Hunter , 11/8 Venom sequel , 12/ 13 – Karate Kid Sequel , 12/20 – Sonic Hedgehog 3,

Universal – 3/8 – Kung Fu Panda 4, 7/3 Despicable Me 4 ,  11/27 – Wicked, 12/29 – Nosferatu

There are many other great movies available, but these have amazing possibilities for a long and massive marketing event.

Please feel free to call and get promotional advice on these and other properties in 2024 at Haaseline Entertainment.

Digital Over TV and over all in 2024

If you don’t get on board and understand the dynamics of where the puck is going ( The great ones Wayne Gretzky’s greatest attribute ) then you will stagnate and brand opportunities will pass you by.

E- Biz is thriving with Amazon enjoying 6% grow to 49% of the online marketplace. Distant 2-6 are eBay (6.6%) , Apple (3.9%), Wal-Mart (3.7%) , Home Depot (1.5%) and Best Buy (1.3%) .

Since we are in apparel business and do marketing for that sector we are encouraged that this category still drives Amazons business model. Category is up +38% and is 15.4% of Amazons business!! Amazon does 38,5% of all online apparel.

I have been very critical over several years of the digital paths that several retailers have gone. They have spent the last 5 years focusing most of their efforts to position themselves for the digital future and have built a strong foundation.

My concern was their abandoning of retail marketing that got them to where they were. Now the path of the future is evident as Digital advertising surpassed Print in 2011 and will surpass mainstream advertising path forward.

Digital has won the battle, but its still going to take a balance of positioning in Marketing, and Advertising spending.

I continue to see that $’s are being spent out of control. The true value of this mix is still unknown from a knowledge base of the brand marketer sitting at the desk guiding their brand through their annual plan.

Workloads and lack of passion have crippled brand managers from fighting the media spend battle. Accountability has lacked with media managers and media agencies.

Step into a new normal of putting your brand where shoppers are vs where your product is sold. With mobile sales outpacing itself year to year , can you afford not to have a accountable mobile/digital advertising plan?

Its time for Customer teams, Brand/Marketing teams and Retailers/Buyers to demand full disclosure for their brand/categories in regards to media buys. Pepsi had announced a while back that they are putting marketing plans under the brands vs in the hands of top of house marketing and media buyers. This will allow brands to react on a now time reaction in the marketplace.

Allowing collective $’s going into an undisclosed chamber of horrors is a thing of the past. Waiting for announcements that digital or reach is better here or there is behind the times for the aggressive media buyer. Allowing $’s to go where relationship outweighs accountability needs to be policed.

Accountability will be the buzz word for the future of marketing. Get you house in order and watch you brand drive to the top in 2024!!