E-Tailtainment the New Retailtainment

Remember when Wal-Mart was allowing anybody to submit new product video’s in a game like promotion for putting new products on the shelf. This was an interesting opportunity for Frito Lay in their recent Super Bowl programs, but is it the place for a Retailer? Pepsico has just announced putting marketing strength back into the brand managers to have the flexibility to react¬†daily.

I applaud Wal-Mart for some out of the box thinking for retail of a Frito Lay rehash, but what does it say to your buying process for suppliers. Once again we have the Reality Marketing Dept. wagging the tail of this big dog.

I think E-tailtainment could be Wal-Mart’s next big idea. Its needs to have less retread tactics and true New York “state of mind” innovations.

Treating shelf space as a game show is not the way to extend the “My Wal-Mart” concept. Be what you are a retailer who has built its empire on an “item & price” merchant driven strength.

Tactic’s like this recent one tells me that strength doesn’t exist anymore. Someone can take the power of the internet with strong instore merchant marketing and capture a new breed of sales promotion.

For all companies it now comes down to hiring the right people to manage accountability to solid plans that can move on a dime

E-tailtainment …..call us to understand its full potential for your brand or retail outlet. Building an integrated approach to promotion and execution will allow brick and click to tick!!